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Delivering Power Stability with Eco-Sensitive Energy Generation.

We deliver pioneering energy solutions for a sustainable future. We are committed to driving innovation and fostering a planet-friendly ethos. Todays choices will shape the world for generations to come.


Energising the future with critical Energy Solutions.

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Creating a Legacy

Essential Energy Generation



The rapid deployment of low-carbon technologies such as wind and solar are making it increasingly difficult to forecast energy generation. Peak Lopping Plants are significant in solving this issue because energy must be available on demand.


Future Technologies

Focused on developing ever increasing eco-friendly operations we design our projects to be future proofed and maximise environmentally friendly fuels, such as Hydrotreated Veg Oil (HVO) and engines able to utilise Hydrogen, alongside more efficient energy tech.


Mission Critical

Energy deficiency is a national concern as energy generation is focused on renewables. Peak Looping Plants allow renewable energy solutions to be operated and bridge the gap when solar and wind do not produce electricity.



Aventurine Climate support the global drive and transition to a low carbon grid and economy, with focus upon the climate emergency which requires urgent and large scale works in order meet the climate goals and capability to deliver Netzero. 

Our Newport Peak
Lopping Plant project

Project Overview.

Aventurine Climate have already secured full planning permissions and are currently working onsite completing civil engineering works in Newport, South WalesThe Peak Lopping Plant will deliver 20 megawatts of electricity to the grid providing energy security and balance the grid when renewables cannot generate electricity.


From a technical perspective the Newport project consists of the following principal components include the following: 

  • 10 Gas reciprocating engines at 2-megawatt each

  • Total power output is 20MW 

  • Switchgear and Master Control rooms

  • Single storey brick DNO Switch room

  • Gas infrastructure with directional drilling 110m

  • Medium pressure gas supply pipework

  • 33KV High-voltage transformer & Ancillary transformer

  • Infrastructure and commissioning works

  • Remote Operational Team 

  • Comprehensive Maintenance Programme 


What is a Peak Lopping Plant?

Built inside containers Peak Lopping Plants are engines, similar to that in your car, only larger, and using natural gas instead of petrol or diesel which produce electricty. When the sun does not shine, or the wind does not blow, Peaking Lopping Plant electricity is critical to support the grid supplying homes and businesses with energy. As the nation moves towards more renewable energy the part that Peak Lopping Plants will play is truly phenomenal in allowing renewable energy growth. 

Community Benefits.

Always priding ourselves on our interaction with the local communities, this particular project will provide a brand new gas pipeline into the local village for future connections, we have pledged to provide ten-thousand pounds to the community centre, and the peak lopping plant itself will allow additional renewable energy projects to be commissioned providing green efficient energy, and managing grid blackouts.

Why this site?

Owned and operated by Aventurine this site has full planning permissions and is located adjacent to the substation.

Most importantly this substation has available grid capacity and we have a secured connection meaning instant energy benefits from the scheme.

The site has good access with minimal
disruption to the community.

Being located next to an existing renewable energy scheme supports scope for our own
development of renewable energy.

We are working onsite now, towards completion of the drainage, site preparation and all infrastructure works, moving ahead at full steam.

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Site updates


View below the main sectors of our business focus. Aventurine Climate has been developed to holistically satisfy real world climate and energy issues.

  • Investment Opportunities exist so society can own a section of our project and be apart of our drive to tackle the climate and energy crisis.

  • Project Development is critical to identifying high impacting projects and incorporates the designing and planning, the construction, commissioning and ongoing operation and maintenance of large scale energy programmes and carbon emission projects. 

  • Land Owners are provided opportunities to join the fight against climate change and energy insecurities, we support large area leasing of redundant acreage to deliver new sustainable energy and world leading carbon capture projects, both of which are paramount to achieve global NetZero targets.

  • Communities require the delivery of profound expertise and support to ensure maximum results are attained when energy schemes are being developed, we are poised to support communities large and small with green energy generation, battery storage solutions and beyond.  


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