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The Opportunity

Our Mission

We understand the global climate and energy issues, and have the tools to tackle them.

Reasons to Invest

Carbon Removal

Joining Net Zero 2050

Aventurine Climate is joining the mission to achieve Net Zero by 2050. By developing critical demand energy projects, such as Newport Peak Looping Power Plant, we are supporting the grid allowing for more renewable energy schemes to become operational, resulting in Net zero targets being attainable.


Peak Looping Power Plant

With the development of a 20MW Peak Lopping Power Plant, Aventurine Climate is providing essential energy support in times of high demand which is crucial for the UK. The Plant will address any imbalances and reduce the stress on the electricity grid, providing power stability to avoid potential electricity blackouts whilst maintaining the reliability and security of the UK’s electrical supply.

Opportunity energy plant.JPG

Carbon Technologies

Aventurine Climate is fully aware of the need to offset carbon emissions that the Plant will produce and has developed a sustainable solution to capture large scale carbon, offsetting its carbon emissions at source. Its Carbon Sequestration process will be accredited under the Verified Carbon Standard project cycle and registered with an approved verification body.

Opportunity the team.JPG

The Team

Aventurine Climate boasts a diverse, multifaceted team of professionals with expertise across critical infrastructure, utility scale electrical energy generation plants, complex engineering and high voltage projects. They are a dynamic, forward thinking, exceptional team, delivering proven outstanding results, incorporating a global network of distinctive industry peers including specialists from governments to enterprises. Further information can be found on Our Team page.



Knowing the global economy has set stringent climate and energy targets there is no time more prominent than the current to become involved in an industry which is collectively delivering time sensitive and mission critical results. The focus on providing society both environmental and energy protection is truly phenomenal and our purpose is to drive climate and renewable change.

Increase In Demand

As the transition away from fossil fuels increases, as does the dependency upon renewable energy sources, peak - lopping plants are significant in the roadmap to balance the power requirements.

Provide Further Stability

Addressing power imbalance whilst reducing stress on the electricity grid is an invaluable stability mechanism that works towards avoiding potential electricity blackouts, maintaining supply.

Net Zero

Green energy requirements, to build up the required levels of availability, are vast, but hugely important to decarbonise the energy system and reach net zero emissions by 2050.

Opportunity generated power 2.JPG

Generated Power

Through advancing renewable technologies the possibilities to generate high levels of green energy are now possible. The importance of the peaking plants to support grid demand, in conjunction with phenomenal renewable energy solutions mean we can act on climate change effectively and most importantly, act right now.

Opportunity maximise .JPG

Maximise Opportunities

We format power commercial agreements to maximise our project revenue opportunities, trading energy out at the most demanding times, such critical delivery commanding maximum yield. The business team is experienced in the construction, operational management of utility infrastructure and has a timeline of expansion planned.

Climate Change

Opportunity global impact.JPG

Global Impact

Energy and emissions are a global issue. Energy and the relationship with emissions, one at the top of the tree to be reduced. The current climate crisis is an immediate urgent threat to life.


Henceforth the proactive industries surrounding both renewable energy creation to deliver zero carbon emissions at source, this green energy becoming ever more valuable in the battle to mitigate new atmospheric emissions; whilst new climate technologies have been developed to combat the legacy emissions, those emissions which have already been released into the atmosphere.


It is for global good that both mitigation and removal are completed at gigatonne scale to ensure impact is reversed.


Net Zero

The term is utilised frequently, but what exactly is net zero, and how does this affect society. In brief the term covers reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced by human activity. 


Net zero requires emissions to negate emissions, and implement methods of absorbing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, combined the techniques will accumulatively have net emissions to fall to zero, net zero.


Balancing out between carbon emitted into the atmosphere from the human activities, including of the carbon removed from it to halt climate change. We need to manage this urgent call to action climate change the impact being hotter temperatures, severe storms, increased drought, diminishing sea ice, stress to ecosystems and ultimately impacting our food supply, air quality and secure shelter.

Sector Relevance

Opportunity leaders.JPG

Industry leaders

Driving grid support facilities and solutions, with the inclusion of utility scale renewable energy programmes all delivered being emission negative, we stand out from the crowd, leading via performance and showcase a competitive edge over those within our sector.

Opportunity guide future generations.JPG

Generation Protection

Here in the United Kingdom the knowledge and capability to capture and store excess carbon is limited; however Aventurine are pivotal in carbon removal both in the UK and globally, strategically placed and maximising atmospheric cleaning with unique durable carbon sequestration.

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