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We Are
Aventurine Climate

Greener solutions for the future

Our Journey



July - December 2022

Utility Grid Connections

January - August 2023

Carbon Research Development

May 2020 - June 2023

Solar Farm Consultancy 

June 2022 - July 2023

Global Carbon Partner Network

January 2022 - Ongoing

Renewable PV Plant Delivery

August - December 2023

Peak - Lopping Plant Delivery

December - May 2024

Carbon Credit Sequestering

September 2023 - Ongoing

Business Objectives


Acquiring specific land and developing renewable utility scale opportunities in conjunction with electricity demand peaking plants continually increases our services capacity and asset portfolio.

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Long Term Investment

Clear objectives demand the business to own and operate electricity peaking stations, utility scale power generation alongside our carbon removal solutions and to acquire and develop further sites.

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Carbon Negative

In developing, manufacturing and installing carbon removal solutions, supporting renewables and peaking delivery the business is committing to a green mandate and ensuring it has a long term Carbon negative future.


In diversifying our operations across pivotal environmentally focused landscapes, we protect the business from market fluctuations and obsolescence, whilst engineering our position as sector leaders.

Future Centric

Sensitive to the continuous requirements to drive effectiveness and environmental justice, we are already assessing hydrogen as a service solution to support green energy creation and deployment.

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Advanced Technology

As the availability of newer green solution technologies become available, Aventurine Climate shall seek to encompass them within our portfolio to ensure financial stability and security.

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Future Opportunities

The business also has additional opportunities surrounding the construction and operation of Waste-to-Energy plants, along with sustainable and renewable powered residential and commercial developments.

Our Revenue Stream


Payments via the Balancing Mechanism of the Capacity Market Agreement.


Profits from the trading of energy under the Power
Commercial Agreement.


Trading of Carbon Credits generated by carbon sequestration.


Sale of our carbon sequestration byproduct into the built environment.

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