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Carbon Neutral Innovations

We Are Aventurine

Environmental Social and Governance

Social and


Our projects are delivered within a framework of assessing performance and practices across various behaviours. We pride ourselves in providing ethical, sustainable and without unjust impact to nature, our interconnected team and the surrounding communities.

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Scalable Opportunities

Delivering dynamic technologies to drive scalable industry solutions in acknowledgement of an urgent need to move toward global net zero emissions, minimising the impact of climate change across the energy landscape whilst satisfying the huge ever growing demand.

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Providing a full life cycle of high level support. Through detailed assessment, we create a true understanding and analysis of mission critical needs with the expertise to design and deliver exceptional results built around sublime operations and maintenance programmes.

Our Services Porfolio

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Renewable Energy

Renewable energy is energy that comes from a source such as sun, wind, water. They are natural and self-replenishing sources of energy. 

Aventurine Climate concentrates on utility scale solar and wind solutions alongside enterprise scale battery storage, mitigating the carbon intensive power generation from the fossil fuel community.

Aventurine Climate’s aim is to provide the UK with renewable, clean and green energy. 

•    Renewable Energy = energy sources with the ability to replenish          naturally, i.e., sun and wind
•    Clean Energy = clean air
•    Green Energy = no harm to the environment


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Peak - Lopping

Significant deficit in electricity production exists as the grid is committed to decentralise away from fossil fuels. Green electricity from high output peaking plants applies strategic balance to this fluctuating need for stable and critical energy requirements. Powered by natural gas and bio fuels our peaking plants power generation is the perfect balancing mechanism, is environmentally friendly and an effective rapid response to peaking reserve, power or grid support applications.

Peak - lopping plants deliver efficiency and swift reinforcement to energy issues when the power demand can now be matched via dependable and consistent demand response electricity. Operating alongside the capacity to engineer, install and maintain peaking systems is the significantly important commercial power agreements which manage and maximise revenue which are all a part of the successful solution end to end.

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Carbon Removal

The inter government panel on climate change has stated urgent action is needed to tackle the climate crisis and energy situation, running out of time to keep to a 1.5oC limit of global warming, a code red for humanity.

Climate technology in response to the urgent issues is on a steep trajectory with the carbon market place value in 2022 being at $2bn enforcing the sector as one truly invested to head-on challenge the climate crisis. Aventurine understands the eco-modernism landscape and has developed a priority bio-ecosystem to capture atmospheric Co2 in a process named CDR, carbon dioxide removal.


Sequestering our captured carbon into highly durable processes, such as the built environment, completing our circular carbon removal and financial economy creating carbon credit certificates which are highly valued by organisations as they unequivocally offset their legacy carbon footprint, also counterbalance residual emissions unable to be mitigated at source.    

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