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Environmental, Social and Governce

Our projects are delivered ethically, sustainably and without unjust impact to xxx the communities and beyond.

Scalable Opportunities

Delivering dynamic technologies drives scalable industry solutions and maximises investment returns.

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Providing a full life cycle of supporting assessment, understanding of needs to design and deliver results.

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Operational Strategy



The team responsible for the design and construction have a track record of building Electricity Peaking Stations and the construction works at South Wales have commenced and are programmed to be completed in

Q 3 23.


Electricity production is programmed to commence electricity export in Q 4 23 ensuring the business benefits from the peak demand and increased revenue prices in the winter periods.

The completed station will be maintained for at least the first two full operational years by the construction contractor under defined KPIs and availability penalties This has the benefit of ensuring that the build quality is maintained during the construction.


The management team will remain actively involved in the management of the plant, both during the construction and operational phases. Professional advisors support the business in all key areas of its operations.

With Carbon Credits, a Capacity Market Agreement and a Power Commercial Agreement in place, as well as a long term maintenance contract, operational budgeting for the Electricity Peaking Station can be defined and profit forecasts can be more accurately predicted over an extended period.

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The team involved in the carbon sequestration process have studied the issues associated with the use of plant based solutions and the process of monitoring the effectiveness of the process and have initially developed two products that enable the products to be used in all manner of applications.


The business has forecast revenue based on a strategic rollout of the carbon sequestration products to a number of locations including the Acoustic Barrier to the South Wales Electricity Peaking Station and Bio reactors to sites adjacent to the A1(M) in the North East.

The manufacturing of the product, installation and maintenance will all be carried out by personnel employed by the business to ensure quality is maintained.

The technology of plants absorbing CO2 is utilised worldwide and used in many industrial processes.

The manner that we are deploying the technology is being licensed to the business on an exclusive basis.

The manufacturing the product will be carried out in house to maintain quality control and the installation and maintenance carried out by our own teams of skilled technicians.


The UK's Electricity Supply

The UK has a considerable deficit in its electricity production and National Grid is committed to a programme of decentralising its electricity production from large gas or coal fired plants and to employ technologies that can balance the electricity usage at peak times Electricity Peaking Stations powered by natural and biogas mix are an important and strategic part of this strategy.

The need to ensure the UK’s electricity supply remains stable is critical and Electricity Peaking Stations ensure that National Grid is able to ensure this stability.


Generated Power

The South Wales Electricity Peaking Station is a 20 MW generator utilising 10 nr 2 MW gas powered engines.

It benefits from a Capacity Market Agreement in place with National Grid that enables it to receive revenue in the Balancing Mechanism when called on to be in a readiness to export state.


Maximise Opportunities

A Power Commercial Agreement is also in place that ensures maximum revenue opportunities are realised as it is able to trade its output when the market demand is at its highest.


The business has a team that has experience in the construction of Electricity Peaking Stations and the operational management of utility infrastructure and has a plan to expand its operations as an electricity generator,

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